We strongly recommend scheduling an inspection as soon as you go under contract on a property you’re interested in. With the way the market is, homes are selling fast! This also allows you additional time to have any corrective actions, such as repairs made on any defects the inspection finds.

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We do our utmost best at inspecting everything we can, but sometimes there are circumstances that prevent that (personal belongings blocking or limited access to components of a home). If situations arise that prevent us from getting to areas, we take pictures of the obstructions or reason and include that within our inspection report.

We strongly believe that it’s not only best to learn all that you can about a potential home you wish to purchase and live in, but it also can save home buyer’s a significant amount of money during the negotiating stage of purchasing a home. They can use the information from an inspection to negotiate

While we do inspect most components of a home, there are a several items that we do NOT inspect and a few of those items are: Commercial buildings Outbuildings and barns (this can be included with additional fee) Apartment buildings with more than four units Manufactured or mobile homes (this service is coming soon!) Water

Roofing and Flashing Structural Components Foundation Basement/Crawlspace Attic/Ventilation/Insulation Driveways/Walkways/Garage/Carport Porches/Patios/Decks/Balconies Exterior (Doors/Windows/Siding/Molding/Trim) Fireplace/Chimney Interior (Door/Window/Floor/Ceilings/Stairs/Bedrooms/Living Spaces) Kitchen and Bathrooms Built-in Appliances Electrical Systems Plumbing Systems HVAC Systems

A home inspection is a limited, visual inspection of the home and its systems and components to determine the condition of the home at the time of inspection. It’s not intended to be a comprehensive investigation or invasive inspection to determine causation or effect of issues discovered by the inspector.

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